Babies have mental health needs??? YES!

Our littlest members of society, affectionately known as “Littles” or “LO” for “Little One” are those age 0
to 5. Infant mental health or infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) focuses on the
developing capacity of the Little One to form close and secure adult and peer relationships. Relationship
is the foundation from which all else grows. From the secure base can a baby or toddler then begin to
experience, manage, and express a full range of emotions and explore and learn from their environment
and the world around them. Just as a seed cannot grow into a flower without the proper soil, water,
and sunlight nor can a baby flourish into a healthy person without the proper attachments, emotional
expression, and social skills.

IECMH emerged from the traumas and wreckage of Hurricane Sandy which devastated our home state
of New Jersey in October of 2012 – just shy of a decade ago. As we begin to recognize and acknowledge
the importance of infant mental health, there is a need for experienced professionals to provide the
education, guidance, and support to parents and caretakers. Follow along with Prasada In Home on our
2-year journey through the world of IECMH supported by NJ CSOC and Montclair State University. We
will be bringing you Toddler Tidbits – easy to understand information and practical tools to use with the
Littles and those who care for them in your professional and personal life.

Together we can raise the healthy leaders of tomorrow.

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Karen Kaspern, M.S. L.P.C., A.C.S: Clinical Coordinator of Prasada In Home

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