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Prasada In Home

We at Prasada In Home are dedicated to empowering the lives of children with mental health and behavioral challenges and those with autism or developmental challenges. In addition, we serve adults with autism or developmental disabilities. We offer age-appropriate treatments and programs for mental, behavioral, and social challenges faced by children or adults. The programs and treatments we provide are evidenced based to ensure you or your loved ones live a fulfilling life at home.

Prasada In Home is a contracted provider with the New Jersey Children’s System of Care and the Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide services for children and adults. For more information on qualifying for children’s services contact PerformCare at 877-652-7624. For adult service contact Division of Developmental Disabilities at 800-832-9173.

Services We Offer For Families

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Mission Statement

Prasada In Home is committed to providing individualized healthcare with integrity, compassion and dependability resulting in our children, individuals and families leading productive and functional lives, enabling them to thrive and prosper.

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our commitment Helping kids, families and adults to succeed

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