Introducing Prasada In Home

We at Prasada In Home are dedicated to empowering the lives of children with mental health and behavioral challenges and those with autism or developmental challenges. In addition, we serve adults with autism or developmental disabilities.

We offer age-appropriate treatments and programs for mental, behavioral, and social challenges faced by children or adults. The programs and treatments we provide are evidence-based to ensure you or your loved ones live a fulfilling life at home.

What We Do Services We Offer

At Prasada In Home, we give our time and effort to deliver compassionate support to individuals with special needs.

mother and daughter talking to a consultant

Intensive In-Home Counseling

Promoting self-esteem while improving communication skills at home.

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woman attending to a young girl

Behavioral Assistance

Managing behavioral problems at home, school, and community.

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Parent Coaching

Teaching efficient parenting skills and behavior management.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Prasada In Home is committed to providing individualized healthcare with integrity, compassion, and dependability resulting in our children, individuals, and families leading productive and functional lives, enabling them to thrive and prosper.

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Let us know how we can help you and your family. We are here to guide and offer our support.

Listening to Your Call for Help

We listen and provide the right support for your child’s needs.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the dedicated people behind our organization.

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Allow us to help you determine the best plan for your child.

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We are readily available for whatever questions or concerns you may have. To get started, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by sending us a message.