Prasada Center for Wellbeing

Welcome to Prasada’s outpatient therapy practice. Prasada outpatient providers are committed to helping you or your family on your journey to mental health and well-being. All Prasada Center for Wellbeing therapists are licensed professionals with several years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. They offer client-centered, individualized and evidence-based methods where individuals, families or children can have a safe place to explore self-awareness, gain personal growth, greater self-understanding, and enhance their relationships.

Offering Virtual And In Person Therapy

Although virtual therapy has gained in popularity and can be effective Prasada Center for Wellbeing still believes “old school” in person therapy has many benefits that contribute to the therapeutic process. Some of the advantages of in-person therapy are:

  1. Personal Connection: Meet your therapist face to face for a more personal and direct connection. Non- verbal cues, your body language and facial expressions are understood more accurately enhancing the therapeutic relationship and building trust.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: Being physically present in therapy can increase your engagement and focus. No distractions from technology or home-related factors. You will find it easier to concentrate and fully participate in the session.
  3. Tailored Interventions: Your therapist can offer a wider range of therapeutic and experiential exercises such as role-playing, art therapy, or other interactive techniques that are challenging to implement virtually.
  4. Therapeutic Space: Prasada’s therapy spaces are designed to create a calming and therapeutic atmosphere. Our space is designed to facilitate relaxation, introspection, and emotional exploration.
  5. Better for Kids and Families: Let’s face it! Kids today have a limited attention span. For all the above reasons it is even more important and beneficial for kids, teens, and families to be seen in person.
A room
A room

How we help…

Children and Teens:

Prasada creates a nurturing and inclusive space where children and teens can grow, learn and thrive. Therapy is engaging, age appropriate, and can be effective in helping them reach their full potential.

Our therapeutic goals can include:

  • Increase positive strategies for academic success.
  • Overcome depression, anxiety, mood disorders or behavioral challenges.
  • Develop confidence and initiative.
  • Build positive peer and family relationships.
  • Manage ADHD symptoms and increase executive functions.

Of Note:

We welcome children who are transitioning from in-home therapy services through New Jersey’s Care Management Organizations (CMO). We will work with your child’s current team to create a smooth transition to outpatient services.

Parents and Families:

Prasada believes that parents can be a part of the solution to their kid’s challenges. Prasada offers parent education and family therapy sessions to help gain the tools needed to help support your child’s progress. Regain your joy in parenting.

  • Understand typical and atypical child development.
  • Support your child’s potential.
  • Build positive communication among family members.
  • Reduce parenting stress and frustration.
  • Navigate family transitions, blended families and co-parenting.


Prasada’s therapists understand the unique challenges and complexities that adults face in today’s fast-paced and demanding world. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and work towards achieving personal growth and well-being. Your treatment goals can include:

  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Overcoming Past Trauma
  • Overcoming depression
  • Managing adult ADHD and increasing executive functions.
  • Relationship challenges and divorce.