Essential Advice for Serving Your Community

So many of us want to find a way to help the people in our community who need our support. Furthermore, we want to help those who live far away yet still need our assistance. But you may be at a loss for where to begin. After all, you want to make sure your efforts actually lift up those who need it most. If you’re ready to start putting your time and energy towards making the world around you a better place, these resources will help you get started.

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Fighting Against Homelessness

Cleaning Up the Environment
Millions of people around the world do not have a place to call home. Here’s how you can help them access food, clothing, and shelter.

  • Find out which items your local food bank needs most, and prepare to bring in lots of non-perishable, protein-rich foods.
  • You can also give clothing and personal hygiene products to local homeless shelters.

Cleaning Up the Environment

Are you tired of seeing litter on the streets of your hometown? These environmental initiatives will help you keep your community beautiful.

  • Get a group of friends and/or loved ones together to host a community cleanup and properly dispose of trash in public spaces.
  • Ensure that materials that can be reused don’t go to waste by starting a recycling program in your workplace or the entire town.
  • You can even put your food scraps to food use by starting a compost pile and encouraging your loved ones to do the same!

Cleaning Up the Environment

Your kids are never too young to lend a helping hand! These tips will help you find a way to include them in your volunteer efforts.

  • Help your child learn about what it’s like to grow up in a developing country by connecting them with a penpal.
  • If your kids are interested in helping feed the hungry, help them get involved with a community garden. Or, you can start a fundraiser for a local food bank.
  • Spend some time discussing gratitude with your children each day and encourage them to think about the little things they appreciate in life.

Cleaning Up the Environment

Who doesn’t want to help dogs and cats find loving homes? Show your commitment to animal welfare by following the suggestions in these guides.

  • If you have the time in your schedule to volunteer at an animal shelter, learn about their expectations for volunteers before signing up for shifts.
  • No time to volunteer? You can still support animal rescue initiatives from your home.
  • Make sure that stray and feral cats in your neighborhood have plenty to eat by building an outdoor feeding station.

How to Start a Nonprofit

Below you will find a host of resources to get your nonprofit started the right way.

  • Learn how to conduct a needs assessment to determine viability of your nonprofit.
  • Read some tips on starting and managing a nonprofit organization.
  • It’s possible to start a local non profit with little to no money!
  • Learn how to start a local chapter of a national non profit.
  • Your nonprofit can be an LLC; just check the rules specific to your state.
  • Creating an LLC is fairly straightforward, but you can hire a formation service to handle the job.

You may feel like your volunteer efforts are just a drop in the ocean. There are so many people around the world who are struggling. However, when people come together to fight for a cause they believe in, long-lasting changes can occur. If you’ve been seeking opportunities to get involved with community activism, these resources will motivate you to begin volunteering.

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