Letter to our families

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The answer to your home schooling needs during COVID-19

Prasada In Home recognizes the challenges faced by many American families during the COVID-19 crisis. In a matter of weeks schools closed and employees were told to work remotely. Now parents are being tasked with homeschooling while simultaneously working their jobs remotely. Distance learning has become a major transition for children and their families with many challenges. Maybe your child has gone from an A student to failing classes. They are missing assignments and becoming frustrated with what feels like a lack of support and direction the classroom and teacher offered. As a parent, you realize you now need to step into the role of teacher for your child which takes away hours from your job..

To address the problem Prasada In Home is now offering a Homework Buddy program. Homework Buddies work with your child on a daily basis to ensure your child stays organized, on task and completing all the school work which is required of them. Homework buddies work with your child remotely so no concerns about possible virus spread. Prevent meltdowns, fights and additional family stress.

Your Homework Buddy will:

  • Review the students agenda for the week and create a daily task list of classwork for all classes.
  • Assist the student in keeping classwork organized.
  • Help the student with study skills.
  • Assist the student in areas of struggle and help the student find online resources for further assistance.
  • Ensure all work is submitted on time.

PRICE: Normally the price for this service is $40. But for a limited time the introductory price is $30. Minimum 2 hours a day. Can be broken up into 15 minute increments. Minimum 3 days a week. Minimum total hours per week is 6. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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