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SIPS stands for Social Skills, Individual Intervention, Parent Coaching, and School Intervention. These are the four specific components for success for children who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ODD, and High Functioning Autism. This in-home program, led by trained therapists, ADHD Coaches, and Behavioral Assistants includes all four parts of effective behavioral interventions for ADD, ADHD, ODD, and Autistic children. The results of using this program are children who feel good about themselves, have a greater self-understanding of their unique gifts and talents, along with a closer, stronger parent-child relationship.

Social Skills:

group of people with disabilityThis intervention focuses on teaching academic, recreational, and social competencies, while decreasing aggression. It helps children develop friendships by increasing cooperation, communication, helping, and sharing. It will also help children cope with teasing. It is designed to help with problem-solving skills by helping them form solutions. Further, it will help teach children other competencies that other children find important such as good sportsmanship and good team membership.

Individual Intervention:

Individual interventions must be age specific and aligned with the child’s development. It is helping the child understand the nature of Autism, AD/HD, the positive characteristics of AD/HD, their strengths, and how to manage the challenges that come along. It will work in increasing skills such as getting homework done, helping them remember stuff, learning to ask for help, learning to relax and stay focused.

Parent Coaching:

Parenting a child with ADD, ADHD, ODD or Autism is a unique experience. Parents need training and support to learn and then implement parenting skills. It has been noted that help from a professional who knows how to develop and implement behavioral programs is a necessity. Parenting Coaching will help parents with establishing rules and structure, learning to praise good behaviors, using the correct commands, learn to plan ahead, and work with children in public places.

School Intervention:

When necessary, your ADHD Coach or therapist can work with teachers in your child’s school to help them become familiar with behavioral principals and to help implement programs. It is very important that parents and schools work closely together to help ADD, ADHD, ODD and Autistic children.